Think, Elaborate, Go

In communication strategy is the base, in order to be consistent to the vision, mission, values of the company. It will be the document you stick to, to be able to develop the right tools, for the right audience and the right company development target.


  • Define Vision, Mission, Values
  • Define your target groups
  • Define messages
  • Define tools
  • Define how to reach targets with the dedicated tools
  • Define Budget and timing
  • Evaluate / Adjust / and start again…


Create, Build, Protect

For me building a brand identity is key in any business. Unfortunately, most of the time that’s something that along the years is forgotten to focus more on sales or other departments of the company that will make more money. But this can’t be underestimate. The brand identity, and its evolution, will always remind you how you talk to your customers, show you as a reliable partner, supplier and will engage your clients.



By having a consistency on all your channels and the way to communicate, you will always center your clients and customers in your activity.

More than the identity, you have to remember that you have to protect your idea, brand, work, visuals of any reproduction. It’s your work, it deserves to be protected. I’m quite aware about the legal aspect and how to protect your brand or how to avoid any copy of what you do.


Show, inspire, give emotions

Visuals will be the elements that will be the most seen. They will give the emotion, reveal the quality of your products, show who you are… they are key elements of all your communication tools. They will support your texts, your website, your social media, your catalogues / leaflets, advertising, offices, intranet… This is the base to give the right feeling.

  • Define the communication objectives, content according to the budget & timing
  • Define the creative direction and product presentation
  • Creative Direction
  • Organisation of Photoshooting / Video Shooting
  • Manage Team
  • Bring Visuals in line with the breifing and the brand identity


Innovate, simplify, convert

What do we expect today from digital world ? Answer is : to simplify our lives, to make things easy, to be able to have the right information at the right place, and to learn.

For the brand or company, it’s also convert the visitors into customers and build with them a relationship.

Digital area is evolving everyday and keeping a website up-to-date, telling stories via social media or blogs, is really something that is not possible to avoid today. So if you wanna the be the best in your sector and activity, you need to be innovative and propose something your concurrent is not doing yet… event better, becoming the pioneer in your sector.

My different experiences, showed me, how simple it can be to have new ideas, and also how to bring technique and marketing together and make the best compromises to be able to build a real experience.

  • Define the strategy of the website
  • Define the design, visual, communication, technical specifications, budget & timing
  • Briefing to webdeveloper / propose one
  • Planning of project (internal + External)
  • Supply of all visuals
  • Writing content
  • Validations of the layouts, navigations, actions on the site, informations
  • Testing
  • Internal & External communication of the website
  • Evolutions, updating, maintenance.


Write, Invent, Point

Finding the right words and tone of voice, is not always the easiest work.

I can help you to put guidelines together, so after
you can work on your own.

  • Define the target group, message, tool, broadcasting method
  • Product (techincal) content (technical description – for B2B / sales arguments + e-commerce)
  • Inspirational content
  • Short copy for ads
  • Corporate content for customer service communication to all the customers
  • Webcontent
  • Content for social media
  • Content for internal presentation


Analyse, think, realise.

This is one of my best added value, I first analyse, then think (strategy), then I realise (operation).

For me it’s easy to manage plannings, budget, and different projects at the same time. I always try to have the best organisation, so I know in case of tight schedule (and I’m realistic, it happens most of the time), so I have the possibility to adapt myself and the involved team, in order to change while still meeting the deadlines. And… Always in a good mood!


Trust, Connect, Gather

With that, I bring who I am. This is probably the most important pillar of a project… People.

Gathering people around a common project and leading the team, to the achievement, it’s something I need to do with my heart and being true with everyone. This is how I can create real relationships, connections with colleagues, partners but also with my boss. I always see it as a win-win cooperation… and for me the best you can give to someone is trust and honesty.


Organise, Inspire, Act

In order to make brand awareness, the event and press part will be an inspiration for your audience. Press can be the ambassador of your project. Going in every detail of your organisation, to present the brand.

Press conferences Organisation:

  • invitation
  • press release
  • presentation
  • press book
  • press review



Organise, differenciate, Have Fun

  •  Define message and concept
  • Invitees list
  • Contracts with suppliers (catering, music and sound system, decoration, hotels, material, products, etc.)
  • Coordination catering
  • Preparation of presentations
  • Briefing teams
  • On site coordination and management