When I was 15, communication came to me like an avalanche. I would communicate through space, images, texts … I like to create structure, give a vision and form a direct link for creative people. Working closely to build a team to reach the same goal.

In 1999, I started a Master in Communication in Brussels at IHECS. I’ve been learning how to manage multiple projects at one time, working in groups and how to operate as a team leader. I learned how to use technical tools and all the various communication channels. In June 2003, I was really ready to embrace my career and so excited about what I would learn, meet new people, and become the actress of my working life.

In june 2003, I was really ready to embrace my career and so excited about what I would learn, meet new people, and become the actress of my working life.

 Being actress of my career

Being actress of my career,   August 2003, I started my first job as communication Assistant / consultant in a communication Agency. The agency was oriented on environmental and strategic communication. So it was a real opportunity to learn about different kinds of companies, and fields. (such as as Electrabel, Environment Minister, Arcelor…) I could develop my skills in press relations, internal communication, e-tools like newletters, websites. I was also managing the communication of the agency and developing tools accordingly. https://www.eecom.be

Hi Technologies!


2006, I took a new challenge at IGRETEC, Intercommunal for Economic Development, helping to establish companies to the region of Charleroi. There I was working with the ICT team. I was in charge of promoting new technologies to small companies and assist them in building their e-business website.



From Textile Industry to Fashion

In October 2006 I started to work for a Belgian B2B clothing brand present all over Europe. First, as an assistant, I’ve was working with many different communication tools (catalogues, texts, events, product presentations, visuals, digital tools).

In 2008, I was able to fly more on my own, and propose new ideas and develop them as project manager and communication officer. I was put in charge of all Digital and Visual communication.

In 2009, I was offered the position as Communication Manager, where I was responsible for all the brand iage and communication tools. From advertising, paper communication to web, e-tools, events, internal and external communication. I was also named head of the communication team.


Trendy belgian watches







In March 2011, I started to work at ICE Watch, a Belgian brand that was expanding worldwide. It was great to see how you can become so big in such a short time period if you have the right product and customers but also the right marketing approach.

In the first 6 months, I organised the first big event of Ice Watch with over 1000 invitees. Big venue, with a press conference, and plenty of VIP guest such as music bands, ministers, and leading customers. I was also working closely with the product management team, in order to build a new marketing direction for the products, giving a graphical universe and preparing the first premium Ice Watch Catalogue.

As Communication Manager, I was in charge of communication with press agencies all over the world to help create clear communication for the brand while staying in the guidelines and to promote the brand in the best way.


Mixing Textile, Fashion and Sustainability.

In September 2011, some of my previous colleagues / friends, contacted me to build with them a new brand that is sustainable, fashionable, and premium. So it was a great opportunity for me to start a project from scratch and for start up.

From September 2011 till April 2016 I put all my energy in the communication of the brand. Thanks to very good team, great partners, a lot of sweat and long days, I could develop the brand image through all the channels and via a strong communication strategy. From paper communication (catalogue, flyers, stationary to digital, web, e-commerce, social media, to Events, fairs, internal business review, big events with B2B Customers, etc.)

My role was also comprising some marketing, giving the product positioning and marketing arguments for sales team and customers.



Consultant, Happy Creator, Freelance

Today I’m working as Consultant in communication and looking for new challenges, opportunities as freelance. Those past years and experiences also gave me the opportunity to go deeper in my personal development knowing what I love, what makes sense for me and what gives me energy. I need to find purposes that are in line with my personal beliefs, values and passion.

If you feel like I could fit on of your project, spirit, bring you added value but also, that I can learn new things or ways of working, I’m your woman.